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Located in New Milford, CT, we specialize in B2B video production, digital marketing solutions and live broadcasting. Check us out on the web at

As a full-service media production company, we primarily focus on live broadcasting and B2B solutions, so we’re able to complete all forms of media from strategic planning, the building of the media, and final packaging and delivery. This means we have the capability to build not only an advertisement/broadcast/other media itself, but also the marketing strategy, and the final delivery of an advertisement/broadcast/other media to either a web-based client, social media, third-party distributor, or to the client themselves in either tangible or digital format. Drone footage, still photography, tripod-mounted videography, shoulder-mounted videography, and everything from lighting to audio, all in one package, right here in New Milford, CT!

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Michael Sennello
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PO Box 842
New Milford, CT 06776