Heating & Air Conditioning

Address: 48 Long Mountain Road
New Milford, CT 06776
Business Category:
Business Website Address: http://murphyheatcool.com/
Business Phone Number: 203-994-4953
Business Contact Name: Ryan Murphy
Address: 10 Allen Drive
Gaylordsville, CT
Business Website Address: http://www.jenningsoil.com
Business Phone Number: 860-354-4303
Business Fax: 860-799-0905
Business Contact Name: Tory Prizio
Address: 125 Commerce Drive
Brookfield, CT 06804
About: Friendly home heating oil delivery. 24 hr. emergency service. Equipment maintenance and parts coverage. Choose between fixed, ceiling and variable pricing plans. Available E-Z pay level monthly billing plan. Heating and cooling installations.
Business Website Address: https://www.petro.com/
Business Phone Number: 203-740-4437
Business Fax: 203-740-4438
Business Contact Name: Pat Lucas and Bob Fisher
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