Address: 58 Danbury Road, Suite 8
New Milford, CT 06776
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Rancourt Counseling, LLC D/B/A New Milford Counseling Center provides a range of counseling services from Financial Wellness Counseling to counseling for mothers struggling with Postpartum depression. Rancourt Counseling,, LLC has been in business since 2011. New Milford Counseling Center’s mission is to provide quick quality mental healthcare to our community. We strive to partner with area businesses that are inline with our core values of making our community a stable healthy place for people to reside. Giving back to our community by providing educational resources about mental wellness is a key component of our practice. We provide information referral and advocacy to the New Milford Community via our website and welcome residents to use our blog and resource page to get a deeper understanding of the current issues around mental wellness and how they can be addressed.



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Business Phone Number: 860-740-2228
Address: 1 Route 37 East, Unit #6, 2nd Fl, Sherman, CT 06784
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Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 860-750-4480
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