Village Fair Days Vendor Info


We will not be holding New Milford Village Fair Days this year.  Much consideration has been given to the safety and well-being of our vendors, volunteers, and fair-goers.  Based on the current climate we are erring on the side of abundant caution and believe this is the most responsible decision. 

We look forward to seeing you next year at Village Fair Days 2022.



Vendor Inquiry

Please submit your information below and we will email you the appropriate application.
  • Please describe all products and/or activitiy. Food Vendors - please include menu.

TENTED SPACE:  a 9 x 10 booth with 2 chairs, 1 table, lighting, and an electrical outlet (250 watts per booth).  Typically informational booths located on the South end of the Green.

• Chamber Member, $325.00
• Non-Chamber Member, $450.00


NON-TENTED SPACE:  a 10 x 10 space with an electrical outlet, $275.00.  Vendors are responsible for providing a tent, chairs, tables, and lighting.  Please note: only compact fluorescent bulbs may be used.  Halogen and incandescent bulbs will not be permitted.
Typically arts, crafts, and vendors selling products found on the Middle and North ends of the Green.


FOOD CONCESSION:  a 9 x 10 booth or 10 x 10 space with an electrical outlet (250 watts).  If you require more space or additional electric, contact the Chamber office.

• Chamber Member Food Concession & Food Trucks, $700
• Non-Chamber Member Food Concession, $800.00


*Additional chairs are $3.00 each.         *Additional tables are $15.00 each.
(We will not have extra tables or chairs. If you need more than 2 chairs or 1 table, please plan accordingly by renting what you need through us or bringing your own.)

*If you require more than 250 watts, you must contact the Chamber office to make arrangements with our electrician prior to the Fair. An additional charge may apply.


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