Address: 43 Main Street, New Milford, CT
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BD Provisions is a carefully curated collection of bulk foods sold by the pound in sustainable containers. We also roast coffee right in the front of our store.

BD Provisions is a specialty grocery store offering a wide range of dry foods sold by unit weight out of bulk bins. Olive oils, maple syrups, and honey are also offered in bulk for customers to dispense at will. Eco-friendly household items, along with health and beauty goods are also available.
BD Provisions offers a diverse variety of coffee beans, which are freshly roasted in store. Teas, spices, nut butters, and specialty baking supplies are also included in the curated collection of grocery items.
BD Provisions offers its customers a low-waste approach to grocery shopping. As shoppers may choose to dispense their provisions into mason jars, we offer a “jar exchange” program, whereby empty jars are exchanged
for clean and sanitized jars to fill with desired goods in store. Alternatively, customers can opt to utilize paper and compostable bags to hold their purchases.
With a mission statement that reads, “Nourishing the Community and the Environment, One Scoop at a Time,” our BD Provisions franchise will provide consumers with a unique opportunity to purchase high quality goods while offering zero or low-waste alternatives to traditional packaging. Recognizing that moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle happens over time and that every person moves at his or her own pace, we will strive to meet each
customer at every point in his/her journey.
BD Provisions offers healthy, convenient, and affordable solutions for living a well-nourished and sustainable lifestyle.

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Jennifer Clark